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February 21, 2022

Rewards & Rituals

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I think it is a combination getting a bit older and the pandemic that I feel the need to give myself little daily rewards which have developed into happy rituals. These rewards mainly manifest in the from of food and drink. The bigger rewards I give myself are holidays.

Dinner Time Yum

My first reward of the day is a coffee which I usually have at 11.00 am and I have at least thrown a board of pots or finished off the previous days work. My little nespresso maker is my favourite kitchen appliance and of course it’s blue. I use the perfect porcelain espresso cup which is a joy to drink from. If there is whipped cream in the fridge I will add a dollop.

My Much Loved Nespresso

As we have all spent more time in our homes in the last 2 years it has given us more time to look at our surroundings and the everyday things that we use in our lives. For me I want to enjoy that coffee from a cup that pleases me. I want to eat my dinner of pasta or salad from a nice bowl. It may seem like a small thing but it brings a smile to my face and if I’m happy then the people around me are happy.

Wednesday Morning Ritual Swim at Black Castle Wicklow. Reward Coffee at Nick’s afterwards

So I’m asking you what is your reward or ritual that you give yourself everyday?

December 15, 2021

Limited Editions for Christmas

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It is not easy to find the gift for that person who has everything. It is also not as easy to shop and browse the way we used to before pre covid. Online shopping has seen a huge increase but I think a lot of us miss the tactileness of holding the gift we are going to give.

Brushwork Mug

Made Local and Shop Local has been a big success and I have seen the benefit of this. This year my stock was a bit limited due to an injury but thankfully that is well on the mend and production is getting back to normal.

So back to the perfect gift for that person who has everything. As I wrote about in a previous blog I have work in an exhibition Made in Ireland which is still showing in Kilkenny at the National Design and Craft Gallery. Before I submitted the work that is showing I was experimenting with different designs and ideas. These mugs are all one off pieces, as are the ones in the show, they will never be repeated so if you buy one of these mugs it is a total one off edition.

It is also , in my humble opinion, very affordable originality and these mugs are 100% functional so they will bring joy to the beholder. So if you think a limited Crannmor Pottery mug is the perfect gift take a look at my limited edition page on my website. You will just about have enough time to have it sent before Christmas.

November 24, 2021

Karma and the Universe

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I am a believer of what you put out there will come back to you. Why am I writing about this well on a visit to a good friend this week she had a statue of Mary on her dresser with a candle lit. The reason, her daughter was in a bidding war for a house and told her mother to bring Mary out and light a candle. The statue of Mary had been given to her many years ago by a lovely old dear and said you need this. Mary has been taken out for all her childrens big exams, interviews and lots of other asking moments in life and so far has been the good fortune charm.

Mary in good company. Silk Range

For me when I find myself in need of help I ask a few departed folk that to guide me. Granny Freda, Aunty Vera, Uncle Billy and Mrs Daly. Whenever I have lost something Mrs Daly told me to make a deal with St. Anthony to promise him an amount to a charity and to give it when object was found. Most of the time he comes good on the finding as I do on the promise.

Mrs Daly ( Centre )

So back to the Karma and the Universe, six weeks ago I was on a biking holiday with my brother and two of his buddies in Lake Garda Italy. Yes good karma, a trip away and mountain biking in an amazing part of Italy. However on day three I took a little tumble off the bike and dislocated the elbow, so what was that all about, what is the universe trying to tell me???

I thought the dislocated elbow was the major problem but on my return to Ireland and a visit to the hospital I found out I had also torn a ligament from my thumb. Not good for a potter !!! So unfortunately I have not been able to make pots on the wheel for the past six weeks. Not the best time of the year with Christmas around the corner. Pots will be a bit limited this Christmas but I am hoping to get on the wheel next week. The universe has made me realize I need to be a little bit more careful and it has allowed me to take things easy for a while and have the time to do this blog . I will get back on the bike as life is for living.

Still able to enjoy gelato

As for Mary she has come good yet again. Their final bid was accepted.

November 8, 2021

Made In Ireland

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Brushwork Cups

It has been a while since I have put up a post. This summer I was keeping myself busy creating work for an exhibition that I had been selected for. Over 450 craft workers in all disciplines submitted proposals of their work to be included in an exhibition titled Made in Ireland. They selected 110 makers and I was fortunate to be one of them.

Initially I had submitted bowls but there seemed to be a huge amount of bowls so I was asked to consider drinking vessels. In some ways this was more in keeping with my work as my mugs and cups have always been my best sellers and I get great feedback with comments like “its my favourite mug”, “there is a fight for your mug in the house” or ” your mug keeps my tea or coffee hot for longer” So I had some fun coming up with some new designs.

The Exhibition officially opened on Friday 5th November at the National Design and Craft Gallery of Ireland in Kilkenny. It was wonderful to see such a wealth of work on display and I was thrilled to be part of it. I was able to catch up with old friends and I had brought my family along to appreciate the talent of craft in Ireland.

The Family

On the run up to the show I worked with two of the three curators. Hilary Morley with whom I have worked with on an exhibition called Soundshapes back 2001 and Mary Gallagher of The Blue Egg Gallery where I have also exhibited work which Hilary and Mary curated. Teapots and Jugs. The selectors and curators had a tough task to bring this exhibition to the wider audience but I think they had done an amazing job and it is a feast for the eyes. So if you are in Kilkenny between now and the end of January pay it a visit.

June 3, 2021

Museums and Exhibitions

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The phone has been ringing for new orders and exhibitions are opening so it’s getting the work out there to the wider audience again. I don’t normally supply other outlets but as things had been quite during lock down I said yes to Rothe House in Kilkenny. With another summer of staycations our museums and local heritage site will be busy with visitors.

Rothe House Garden

I have also submitted work for the Ceramics Ireland Members Selected Exhibition which is opening this Saturday 5th June at Rathfarnham Castle. Tuesday and Wednesday we were moving plinths and getting work organized for selection. Over 60 members submitted work and hopefully most will have their work exhibited. The Exhibition is on until 26th June.

This is some of the work that will be on display so if you are passing or stuck for a place to visit Rathfarnham Castle has lots of green space and a playground for the little ones. Brambles is serving coffee and ice cream and the exhibition is a feast for the eyes and maybe you are looking for a unique gift for someone or yourself.

Porcelain Bowls Crannmor Pottery

April 21, 2021

Daily Rituals

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There has been some good that has come from our prolonged time in lockdown, it has given us time to look at the smaller things in our lives and have a bit more time to enjoy them. Probably the biggest fascination and time consuming part has been food and drink. For me I love my food and my coffee and tea breaks are all important in my day and the utensils that I use play a big part in my enjoyment of the moment.

My day starts with a bowl of cereal and I have used this Joe Finch bowl since 2003. It is the perfect size I can pop it in the microwave to do porridge in the winter. It sits nicely in my hand if it’s breakfast in bed and it’s the perfect size for soup or dessert.

My two main mugs of choice are this little coffee cup made by Marta Ozog and the bigger mug for tea which was a test piece I made for a tea service last year. Why do I like these two in particular. Well Marta’s mug is the perfect size for my Nespresso every morning and it’s fine lip makes it a pleasure to drink from. I also like the tactile quality of the raised blue dots. My own mug holds the right amount of tea for me and again it’s fineness keeps the tea hotter for longer so I can linger over the tea and is also pleasant to drink from.


When it comes to lunch and dinner I mostly use a noodle bowl. There are a few in the press but I particularly like this one with a faint brown spiral on the inside. It is perfect for salad, noodles, stew, pasta and risotto. I rarely use a plate these days. In the winter I sit on the couch with my bowl of goodness and watch the telly. it sits well in my hand and catches any spills or dribbles!!

I am looking forward to dinning out again but in the meantime I am fortunate to have a good selection of pottery to use and for me there is a joy in each individual pot.

I would love to know what utensil puts a smile on your face.

March 3, 2021


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Yes we are all struggling to get through these restrictive times and it is hard to take positives from it but the days are getting longer the weather is improving. Some of us have a bit more free time on our hands so allow yourself to sit with a book, watch the birds and start planning the veggie garden.

I have had a few orders to keep me going for the start of this year. Normally I would be in the thick of making mugs for an IMRA run on part of the Wicklow Way but of course they are all on hold. However a local running club decided to give its members a mug to keep their interest and reward them for virtual runs.

Mugs for Members

Mothers Day is not too far away and I have made heart decorations for another order with MUM on them. We are not getting to see our nearest and dearest as often as we like and I think we have become a bit more inventive of how we show our love and appreciation to our loved ones. I,m sending my mother something from the Art of Bubbles yes we gals love flowers but bubbles and chocolate will also create a big smile.

So folks take time out of your day for yourself and take some pleasure from what is on our doorsteps. Pop a card in the post to someone you think is struggling and put a smile on their face.

February 2, 2021

Spring Motivation

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I feel like a hedgehog that is putting its nose out of his winter nest and has decided to come out of hibernation. I think January was a struggle for most people with the short days, cold weather and of course lockdown. I know we are still in lockdown but thankfully the numbers are coming down, vaccinations are being given, the days are getting brighter, the birds are singing louder and for me creative juices are stirring.

Bath Time ??

I submitted some work for selection for an exhibition later this year. My ideas are very minimalist which I think reflects the times we are living through at the moment. Because our surroundings have been confined I think we have taken a closer look at what do we really need and what is important to us. Family I think is the number one for all of us. Supporting local has been huge which for Crannmor Pottery was and still is a very positive experience. I am thankful to so many that support me.

Spread the Love

I am keeping this post short as at this time I think our minds are fried with so much uncertainty towards the future and I know there are so many people who are really struggling. My message from this post is to send a note, text or picture to those people in your own network that might need a smile and to let them know you are thinking of them. Valentines day is not far away send a message of love.

November 16, 2020


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Yes it has been a while since I have put up a post and with the launch of my new web sight it was the kick I needed to get back to it. What a strange year and it is not over yet. For me it has not been too traumatic and I have been able to continue to work. I am also in the fortunate location of beautiful Glenmalure so my 2km and 5km lock downs are very scenic and I can shout loud without disturbing neighbors.

Oceanic range

This is my new Oceanic range and is the main reason for redoing my website. I have been making it for the past year and it has received good feedback and is probably my best selling range at the moment.

With this pandemic situation folk seem to have a bit more time to think about things and because we are unable to reward ourselves in the usual ways of trips ,eating out or parties, we are looking for other ways to indulge ourselves or to make a gesture to friends and family. There has been a huge push to support local and I have to say my local community has been a fantastic support. Also that support has stretched further afield and this tea set is making it’s way to North Carolina in the States.

The silly season is almost upon us and this Christmas think of giving a gift made locally and that puts a smile on the face of the receiver.

Love What You Give

Bespoke Tea Set Engagement Present

February 20, 2019

Pottery Prizes

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Its that time of year again when I am glued to my wheel to make mugs for all participants in the IMRA Maurice Mullin Ultra and Trail runs.


I received a new commission this year to make winning prizes for Wicklow Hospice and Avondale House Half Marathon and 10k which have been sponsored by Coillte . I will be doing the half marathon myself as preparation for the Maurice Mullins Trail. It’s not too late to enter for the Half Marathon or 10k which is held at Avondale Park Rathdrum this Saturday 23rd starting at 9am.

Prize for Half Marathon

Prize for Half Marathon

Might see you there and if you are a very fit runner you might win a Crannmor Pottery creation.

Prizes for 10KM

Prizes for 10KM

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